Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm Worried

Damn yeoman. I've been role playing for years in the village of Davis. I am a chaotic evil barista paladin, with a ten (10) charisma, an infinite number of hit points, and I've never missed a save throw. Don't even mention such ridiculous sundry issues as biodegradable drinking products, especially when all HypnoPatrons drink from cups made of recycled bibles. You didn't know that? You thought the coffee was just amazing? Oops, well now ya know the word of God sweetens all. You probably knew that already?

Let us be thankful for Cory's finding of HypnoCoffee in the USA wasteland we call the the west. Only out left would such decadence as Dungeons and Dragons meet with the purity of espresso; Satan (Gary Gygax), I rebuke thee!! Like an oasis; Cory happened upon Ben H.'s stash of HypnoHeaven, and apparently, not a moment too soon. President's Day can't come soon enough, I'm fretting for your ever-after young Chase. So much afoot back home, aim that Subaru east!

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Cory said...

I knew it. I knew you had it in you. Unless you just wikied the old TSR info and are not more than a poser. Be nice to yourself, your charisma gives you *at least* a plus one (+1) modifier. Use it, biotch.

The damn steering will is jammmed and all I cando now is ski around it and then drive it into the Pacific Pond. Send help!