Monday, August 23, 2010

Night Ops

The Gumbo that is Davis, now short a couple of lil' sausages.

In Reverse.

Where's Everyone Gone?

Double meaning in the title today...of course. First order of business: a belated congratulations to that scallywag Cory and his sea-wench Sheena on the birth of their daughter, who Cory respectfully named after a line of espresso machines, Estoria (he didn't know the correct spelling is Astoria, but it's the thought that counts). Next time you see young Cory, go easy, he's exhausted and sore from around the clock breast feeding, and he's a bit frustrated as to why his milk hasn't come in...I have my theories, but keep 'em to me-self. I have yet to see a picture of the lass, but I've been told she looks just like Sheena which I assume means the youngster was born covered in red hair and immediately crawled to the nearest dumpster.

Next op: Under the cover of darkness Jeremy and Ben pulled up stakes, closed shop, removed their shingle, and otherwise evacuated the space once occupied by Highland Prospects. Reports that have filtered eastbound and down have the boys basically going out of business after five (5) years of serving the area, one (1) business man of the year award, one (1) incident with a gun, one (1) child born, twelve (12) skeet challenges met yielding one (1) victory for Jeremy, at least six (6) TCT fundraisers where the boys donated all of the good prizes, countless laughs, and endless friendship. Adieu mother-truckers.

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Anonymous said...

I heard these biz men where looking to do a joint venture with Buck Helmick of Canaan Valley Stores...may the force be with them.