Saturday, August 7, 2010


First off, many thanks to Roger at BWB for taking the dangerous duty of umpire for this fiercest of all face-offs. And Gary, for stepping in for that post in the latter "game." And to whomever was crazy enough to let us play at their field. We tried to clean up!
If Admiral Tony will allow me more access to this blog, I'll post a slide-show compiled by our patron and friend Bert F, who desperately needs to tell his boss in Fairmont to fart off so that he can move to Davis (The Land of Triumph). Until then, you can view it at the Slowest Blog in Town.

Chaga rounds second base while Rob S. makes damn sure that his outfielder understands just where to throw the ball. Kurt L. already knows his team is doomed. Thanks to Bert for the nice action shot.

Davis didn't even let a "playa'" get ta terd base.

Dat's right, sucka, dem fine "miners" of Coke-ville Thomas went home wid coal dust tears in der beers. Clearly, some folks took the game a bit too seriously, having left before a second mini "game" went down. Of course, the repeating champs of Davis were, again, victorious. It only took five (5) innings to shut them out...

  DAVIS        - 21
THOMAS      - 0

No more explanation is necessary.

Except that Capt. Cade, with his big heart and longing, again, for the fast life of Thomas, decided to kick for the losers. "Traitor" isn't the right word. More like.....tender harbinger? 

Team Joe's first strategy was to fake getting the buzz on while actually drinking espresso before the match. It must have had something to do with the vast victory.

Our annual Trophy Writer Moriah looks on in amazement at how stark twenty-one (21) looks next to zero (0). While the espresso was a major help, her super-yummy muffins were actually the secret weapon. Great teams eat great food.

Team Davis (the Lumberjacks, Team Joe) pose at the victory party spot, Hellbender Burrito.
Some of our players couldn't be in the picture...but you are not forgotten!

Hellbender's tallest employee (right?) places the newly finished trophy ball upon the Toboggan of Total Triumph. And yes, that is a zero at the bottom. Get it? Zero...bottom? Sorry Stuhl.

s a dark vid of our rowdy Davis bunch.


Anonymous said...

Why do you keep dragging Robbie Stull into your posts and comments? What did he do to you? Have fun paying the Fed-Ex man for your coffee delivery bitches!

Cory said...

Based on your sour mouth, you don't even want to know what he did.

And don't forget: the game is the game and biz is biz.

We are totally thankful to Rob for his weekly reminder to Tony that Davis is paradise...and for the coffee hauling, of which he is thanked for by being spat on and told to get back to Thomas, right?

Is that what you need to see on this blog so you can get them tight panties in a wad and lash out in anonymous poltroonery?