Tuesday, January 31, 2012

humans hate a hyperborean climate

We weren't meant to huddle beneath layers of clothing and run from heated hovel to heated hovel. Clearly most of my neighbors don't suffer hovels, but we all feel the bite of winter. Today brought temperatures into the mid-sixties (60's) and business got brisker as the sun got brighter.
How good it feels to be warm again and to feel the sun on your skin (at least the amount of skin that 66 degrees    will allow). People are friendlier; Paul McCartney, ELO, and AC/DC all sound better in this light. I have found that sales are higher in the summer, which belies the logic of more people seeking the comfort of warm coffee during the cold days. Sure, hot coffee is comfortable in January, but to the truly habituated, it's comfortable year around.
We appreciate the sun and seeing you (sans parkas). Shane prepared the first batches of Japanese Iced Coffee today and they go down smooth with a side of warm bright daylight.

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