Monday, February 4, 2008

Curtis' Soups are Climate Changing!

Soups' On!! Curtis is cooking up more soup and baked goods. The muffins, oh the muffins! Banana Strawberry Nut ($.75), nothing to lose and everything to gain. More Cinnamon Rolls, and back by popular demand is the HypnoCookie (oatmeal, coconut, chocolate chip, and peanut butter) and for the $1.00 it's a mere penance for the soul saving it accomplishes.

The soups for the next couple of days depending on demand...
Butternut Squash
Corn Chowder
Both are 14oz. servings for $4.50 each, both are vegetarian but contain a little milk in the stock, and tune back in Thursday for the next batch.

Inquire with us if you would like Curtis to do some cooking for you too. He is feeling the waters for a catering business, and families everywhere are thanking God, Allah, Santa, et. al because their prayers have been answered.

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