Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Giving Up Starbucks for Lent

Friends don't let friends drink bad coffee! By Easter we should be tuned in, turned on, and demanding HypnoCoffee only. If you are visiting us from Suburbia, USA then you will be in for quite the pallet tweaking, de-Starbucking you is our speciality.

Just in time for Valentine's Day comes Ben and Stacy McKean from Healthberry Farm down in Dryfork with the treats to get you in good with someone special. HypnoCoffee doesn't agree with all Hallmark holidays, but excuses Valentine's on the grounds of love. Ben brought to us three different Valentine gift baskets (full of chocolates, candles, soap, hand salve, and of course honey), box of chocolate bites(with centers of honey), and for the winter, honey hand salve. Many of you already know Ben and Stacy, but for those who do not, everything in the boxes is locally made, the honey comes from Ben's six bee colonies, the chocolate that surrounds the honey comes from Buckhannon, and everything else is made on Healthberry Farm. Everything is perfect and guaranteed to aid in the amorous pursuits of mid-February, or to show your Mom she's still number one.

Small Gift Box - $20.00

Medium Gift Box - $25.00

Large Gift Box - $30.00

Box of Chocolate - $5.00

Hand Salve - $4.00

Since I'm advocating romance, just come by and check out our neighbors, Mountain Mist Florist, their window alone is worth the stop. Flowers have been an aphrodisiac for years, so do yourself a favor!

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Healthberry Farm said...

Thanks for featuring Healthberry Farm today! We are delighted to be a part of the hypno scene.