Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thomas Blue Lights

Another visiting day has come and gone. Curtis appreciated the kind words, but some of the magic is lost through the safety glass. Chris was looking rough, again he is making his own booze, fermenting saved breads from the cafeteria. Those boys! Yesterday I was afforded a close-up view of our boys in blue, no I wasn't pulled over or arrested, just see the above photo. I am sure he stopped this female to make sure there wasn't anything she needed and to conduct a survey on how to better serve the community. Good work Troop!

Jeremy (Bubba) and I met to deal with the upcoming spring soccer season. A few details need to be worked out, but a successful season awaits. I am sure Jeremy will be honored with a Coach of the Year award and our kids will turn heads everywhere they play. What an athletic community we have!

Bagels are on their way up the mountain and tomorrow's red morning light should shine on a fresh eight (8) dozen bagels and a few new flavors...stay tuned.

Our Mountain State Brewery Dream Team made it in this morning looking a little "green" about the fingers. I guess the world is short one more Leprechaun today. We all know how hard they are to kill and some, like Chris, have first-hand knowledge. Lucky for Chris the penalty for killing leprechauns doesn't carry the same legal weight as say a Bald Eagle or New Yorker. I can't wait to see that county van pull up Thursday, un-cuff Chris from the gang, and enjoy his stories.

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