Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Big news on Front Street, bagels are back! Three (3) new flavors made it and they look excellent, good work Wolperts. New to your pallet's lineup is Elderberry (local berries of course), Veggie (with local Ramps), and Poppy seed. We are working on a freezer so that we can store more of every body's favorite round treat, and not sweat the delivery so much. Another "thank you" goes to John; not only is he saving lives, but he is the fastest bagel delivery man on the mountain, which of course saves lives as well. A dreary day has befallen our little hamlet, which is fitting as we are entering the supposed "dead time" of spring. Feeling contrary, we are looking forward to sussing out new ideas during this time and first idea up this Saturday; Biscuits and Jam!

Some of you already know Stevie, or perhaps you met him this past weekend as I did, but we can't wait to see him again and look forward to him kicking off our Jam. He is a trail runner, obviously by trade, and I look forward to an afternoon run with him as well. Mountain Made's Richard has built a jam display case for the jam and jelly treats we will be serving with the biscuits.

With good behavior and some luck Chris will join me tomorrow on the front lines, mud slinging and serving coffee. He is good at both; sleep well in lock down my friend. We must have a trade agreement worked out with Philadelphia as I have met two (2) families from that area today and tomorrow sees Gary making haste for the City of Brotherly Love. Enjoy your "Philadelphia Freedom" GG and I look forward to a postcard!

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gary said...

thats GiGi to you "fatty"