Sunday, March 16, 2008

Work Release

Our young bard, Stevie, (you'll get the chance to meet him next week Saturday March 22nd) claims he once played with John Fogerty. Fogerty, being so impressed, claimed he was the best young singer songwriter he ever jammed with. True story. Only qualifier is this John Fogerty never played with CCR. Good story none-the-less. As always, it was great to see so many law enforcements officers patrolling our streets keeping us safe. So many things to do last night and police escorts for all! Fresh from county and a good de-lousing, Curtis made it in to get our week started right.

Red Curry Chicken Soup $4.50 14oz.

Corn Chowder w/ Roasted Garlic $4.50 14oz.

Chocolate Oat Bars $1.50

Peach and Strawberry Tart $2.50

Everything looks and smells terrific this week. Nothing like solitary confinement to bring out the best in Curtis. The Red Curry Chicken is back, and I can hear the sighs of pleasure all over the Thomas and Davis area. The Corn Chowder with Roasted Garlic is the most spectacular for the olfactory, but the taste buds will thank you as well. Chocolate Oat Bars are fresh from the oven and selling already. They never last long. Expanding even more on the Tart, today brings Peach coupled with Strawberry and your taste buds will worship Curtis for the efforts. We appreciate both Chris and Curtis making it in today, and of course a special thanks to the county jail for their progressive work release program. Stellar use of tax dollars!


Anonymous said...

As locals of the area, we salute Tony and Summer in taking the boys in and giving them gainful employment. Chris and Curtis are prime examples of the success of the WV work permit program, and with good folks like Tony and Summer taking them in, makes me proud to be a Davis-initte. Chris can sling a cup of mud like no other and Curtis, well his sweets will make you cry. Good work, Hypno.

gary said...

the corn and roasted garlic chowder ROCKS!!

Anonymous said...

I'll let Curtis know during visiting hours, it will make the days pass by quicker if he knows we are appreciating his work on the outside.