Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Aztec Coffee

The coffee is on, Cayenne Pepper now resides in the coffee sitting behind me. It has a surprisingly hot kick, and felt good to my scratchy throat. Medicinal? The Aztec isn't eye watering or break out in a sweat hot, but the cayenne's presence is known. Ask for the Aztec Coffee, but be warned. Looks like the day is turning into a real cafe day, rainy.

So long to our pal Seth; he's heading off to Michigan for six (6) weeks. Take care and see you when the landscape has gone green. I still haven't received confirmation regarding Gary. I'll keep asking around. I' m sure all is well, I hope so, since you are eating his Monkey Muffins faster than he can make them.

I'm putting an open call to all of our talented denizens. I want to continue our Biscuits and Jam despite our recent no-show. Maybe a juggler, sword swallower, or comedian would make for good jam; musicians are always wanted as well. I know many of you are talented beyond what meets the eye and I look forward to your talents. Speaking of talents, Chris spoke with Stevie and he's down with another gig. Stevie shall return April 5th so mark your calendar.

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