Saturday, April 26, 2008

People on the Move

That figure darkening your doorway is our own Director Mallow, recently demoted to opening the shop for me and delivering bagels via pedal power. The respite from early AM duties was a needed change of pace for me, thanks Director. It's been months since I've been afforded the opportunity of seeing Charlie wake up, or looking at the clock and rolling back over. Chris is into the idea of reaching out with his bike and delivering bagels, the Fiddle took advantage today, and he is willing to go anywhere else in Thomas, Davis, Canaan Valley, Dry Fork, and Harman! You may have to wait four (4) or five (5) hours if you are in the Canaan Valley, Dry Fork, or Harman areas. Perhaps this is an opening for Mackie? The wait would be drastically reduced, unless of course he was detained at one of our many police checkpoints. The amazing number of law enforcement cats has residents asking, "really?" One would think we had the highest crime rate in the state instead of the lowest, or perhaps this is ground zero for the insurgency. Whatever the case, we look forward to resuming our peaceful community again.
CopStock update...last night saw Davis in full lock down, and being in lock down, my family sought shelter, food, and intoxicants at Heckbenders Burritos. Rob and Melissa came through like a speakeasy! Poor Melissa had to be paired with me in doubles pinball, I'll make it up to you tomorrow at the Badminton Round Robin. Just appearing in my email box were these photos of Rob mocking the situation with the fuzz. What was he thinking? I hope this doesn't mean I have to bail him out of jail...again.
As I foreshadowed, tomorrow brings a planned power outage for the entire mountain top area, and turning lemons into lemonade we will host Round Two (2) of the on-going Badminton Tourney! We are encouraging all businesses to form a team or two and play for the glory. We would be willing to track the successes and failures on a round robin score card prominently displayed in the shop.
This has been a tough weekend for the mountain; police lock down and now a forced closure of every business on the mountain top for a transformer upgrade. Not to worry, if you made bail I will be here Monday ready to share photos of the latest badminton match and sip espresso. Hold steady.

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