Sunday, April 27, 2008

Game Day

The chill in the air, the steely look in the eyes of our regulars, the vocal exchanges, all define the seriousness with which the community takes its badminton. Oh, its on, and mercy is nowhere to be found. The HypnoTeam has been in an intense badminton training regime since its crushing defeat at the hands of Team Uterus. I expect an improved performance out of Director Mallow; he especially needed the extra training. He has been under the tutelage of Dr. Ming Siam, the "Bangkok Badminton Basher", as he is known in Thailand. Dr. Siam has focused Chris' mind, and through visualization exercises claims Chris is now ready to take on Team Uterus. I just hope he's good enough for Team Heckbender!
Best of luck to Jason and Mackie at their race in Maryland, see you tonight at the BBQ. We are t-minus twenty-five (25) minutes and counting to power failure; time to get this ship mothballed and ready for Monday.

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