Friday, April 18, 2008

Season Opener

The season opener was a girls versus boys affair. The HypnoTeam consisted of Curtis (fresh from County, thank you) and Chris, and Team Uterus paired Abus with Renee. I would love to wax poetic about the epic battle, the struggle of man versus woman, amazing shots made, how despite injuries so-and-so sallied forth to make the key play, however, Team Uterus dominated the court. Renee and Abus played The HypnoTeam like a fiddle. Final score: fifteen (15) to seven (7). The HypnoTeam is heading to training camp, skill drills, and focus exercising is in their near future. Chris was the only player to complete half the game whilst holding a beer, a mere consolation prize, but a point of pride nonetheless. Absent from competition was Team Highland Prospects. My first thought is that they were sitting out the opener to opt for more training, however, the truth is much more nefarious. It seems Ben after remodeling the shop and drinking all day decided it would be wise to target practice using his new nail gun. Unfortunately Jeremy cracked wise about his aim one too many times and Ben took aim at Jeremy's leg. Ben's aim being affected by the alcohol missed Jeremy's leg and the nail found purchase in Jeremy's groin. A trip to the ER and charges being dropped, took Team Highland Prospects out of contention for awhile. Good luck Jeremy!
Immediately following the badminton game we broke bread and licked wounds. Great food from everybody and Renee must have eaten a whole chicken, two (2) hamburgers, and three (3) hot dogs; victory must have left her famished!
The trampoline also afforded a good bit of laughter. Abus attempting to spark her latent inner-cheerleader and I channeled my inner-David Lee Roth; Might As Well Jump! The photos today should put the smile on your mug, and now get outside!

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