Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Fever

Ever since he received his laptop, Curtis spends a lot of his days with me. As some of you already know, I have a penchant for teasing, making fun of, and down-right belittling those unlucky enough to be around me. Curtis can only take so much (we all have limits); out comes the knife and me with the camera! I'm sure before the computer arrived and Curtis was here only to work; not in order to access the Internet, he thought my barbs were funny. Alas, those days have given way to knife play. Poor Curtis, County had to pick him up on parole violations. His lawyer assures me Curtis will be back in time for cooking class on May 10th. Say hi to Spike and Snake for Chris.
These amazing spring days have me antsy for the outdoors, and if I'm ensnared at the shop, at least send me reports from the outside. Which trails are you running, riding, rivers you're boating, you get the idea. I'll pass the tales onto Curtis as his situation makes my limited exposure to the sun pale in comparison. At least I steal away during the days and have my afternoons. Speaking of, tune in for the summary of our first badminton round robin! Tonight we do battle for bragging rights in our season opener. Who will show? Who's been training? Who's willing to sacrifice their body for the tough shots? Who will play the whole game while holding a beer? I'll tell you tomorrow.

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