Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yo! HypnoRaps!

Despite petitions and protests the snow is back. Director Mallow is beside himself. At least the mountain gave us a beautiful sunny day prior to lowering the boom. Don't fret, spring can't be held down for too long, warmer weather is on the way, so keep the sandals under the bed. Sunday means kick'n it Sunday (Old) School; Sugarhill Gang, Newcleus, Young MC, Run DMC, De La Soul, et. al. If you are ready to breakdance and/or beatbox, than bring it! Director Mallow is challenging all sucker MC's! First sucker on the mic is MC HeishCo. Bustin' out the rhymes. Between breakbeats Curtis will restock the counter, and not just for you, but for the Heishman clan. Welcome to Hypno!

Gary's Monkey Muffins are selling faster than they can rise. Thanks to his girlfriend Renee, for the recipe, you've got a good woman there! Apparently she's a keeper; rumor has it there's an impending engagement this spring, congratulations Gary! We are also thankful you didn't drown at the Titanic dinner, good idea to bring your own life vest!

Curtis has been brainstorming lately and some of the better ideas are a cooking class here and step aerobics. How the two are related is an enigma known only to the man himself, but let us focus on how he will garnish the counter...

Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies $.75

Chocolate Chip Cookies (classic)! $.75
Strawberry and Blueberry Danish $100.00

Mackie came by for double shot of espresso on his way to race in Mountwood. We expect victory in spite of your late night hours and predilections for dancing and drinking. No excuses my friend.

Jason hit the tile pop'n, very nice call on the Fat Boys single, classy leghop, and perfectly executed beat box! Like grandma before me, I've been served! Again, more new family to meet, welcome to Hypno!
Once you tire of the precipitation; join us for espresso, eats, boombox jams and of course Sunday Old School...Boiiiiiizzzzz.


Anonymous said...

Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck...Do you all happen to serve "real tea" or do I need to take my business elsewhere?

HypnoBlog said...

I hope you put the poles in the right place!