Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Believe

The above pictured alien currently resides in her host, however, she is expected to share our world within six weeks by exiting her host's abdomen, breathing our atmosphere, and excreting toxic fluids on her former host. The host will provide nourishment, while the host's partner frets, coos, and feeds the host. Apparently this cycle is common on the mountain top as evidenced by the recent invasion of new aliens in our community.
This picture was taken to settle a dispute between scientists, one (B) claimed the host was sized correctly for alien gestation, the second (S) ventured the host too small. We thought scientist B, was correct based on previous alien encounters. All is well, scientist B was correct.
Tomorrow Director Mallow and I leave the mountain top to set-up our booth at the Cheat River Festival. The booth has many watchmen, Abus, Curtis, some guy named Joe, and of course the Director. If you plan on visiting the Festival, say hello to Director Mallow; nosh on the bagels, muffins, and whatever Curtis decides to bring. I will be manning the mother ship and awaiting updates from Director Mallow on the madness that is bound to occur when that many mountain top dwellers are under one tent.

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