Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Experiment #1062

The cat's out of the bag. Many have requested and your wishes have been granted. Today Curtis is making our first lunch experiment, Swedish Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes (experiment means not for sale today). A hearty treat for this snowy spring morning. Next Tuesday we go live with lunches being offered Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Why those days? Those days have very limited dining in Thomas and this is an experiment in alternative appetite satiation. The meals will be prepared Tuesdays and Fridays in limited quantities (exclusivity is your bragging right), and Wednesday and Saturday become left-over days, if there are any left. Prices will be in the $6.50 (vegetarian) to $7.50 (meat) range. Curtis will play chef, all meals will be served in our quart sized Chinese take out containers, and there will be a vegetarian offering of each meal. The menu is on our calendar at the bottom of the page, or come by and pick up a copy then post it at your desk, cubicle, cash register, dashboard, back of your husband's head, cover that unsightly hole you punched in the wall, what have you. We have high hopes for this trial period; it's our offering, but ultimately it's your call.

Speaking of calls, Mackie was right and I was wrong. The mountain did have one more snow in her. Experience trumps exuberance again.

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