Monday, May 26, 2008

Dawn of the Dead

A wave of the New Orleans Flu (Vieux Carre Influenza) has swept through our younger community. Dragging, mumbling, rubbing their bloodshot eyes, and barely able to leave; I was fearing for what few brains I have left. Fortunately I have been able to hang on to the grey matter while appeasing the multitudes with bagels and caffeine. Not to be outdone by the customers, the Director had a very similar appearance and demeanor this morning. What happened? The Fiddle had a good band play last night, so let the investigation start there. Warning, bring silver bullets, wooden stakes, Gris-gris bags, and any other weapon usable in the elimination of zombies.

Kate (of Mountain State fame) has rebuffed all rumors to the contrary; she loves her job! Evidenced by her booking of NRPS on Father's Day and her devotion to Willie and Brian. We love Kate and have never had a doubt regarding her work ethic. Squashed!

If this afternoon brings thunderstorms and rain, then badminton will take place Wednesday. All scheduling is of course subject to change if Summer goes into labor. We can always move the tourney to Garrett County Memorial Hospital. I'm sure the hospital staff would be more than happy to accommodate. Stay tuned.


gary said...

is that jared and vegas ?

HypnoBlog said...

could be, Thomas has a way of making all zombies look at least similar.