Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ill Will

I stopped by the pub last night, checking out the Director in his new role, having a pint, going into our in-depth interview process with applicant Nick, and talking to some visitors to the mountain. We attract cool and generous folks up here, thanks to the unnamed guests, springing for the UFC fight last night. Charlie needed a bath thus I missed the fight, but still that was awfully nice, not many of us would drop that kind of coin on a Pay Per View fight. Very cool to let the whole pub enjoy! Despite my hopes that watching the fights would spawn some fights in the pub ("it's so easy to get out of an arm bar" "oh, yeah?" "ouch-OUCH!" "let go of him!!" "not until I choke him out"), but alas and alack a peaceful evening of spectating took place.

Speaking of cool visitors, this morning brought a pair of brothers that turned out to be Gary's sons. I had no idea! I thought...well, I didn't think it was possible, but genetic proof stood before me! Gary (the dead-beat father) has some explaining to do. More cyclists arrived today, good work!
Curtis is in-house working on his many projects, menu planning, cooking classes, and catering. Expect a busy summer out of Curtis, especially with his reduced boating. Next week will bring new faces to the HypnoStaff (who will it be?) and the Director will have competition in regards to keeping his Employee of the Month title. Stop in and visit the newbies. Let us play badminton tomorrow evening, we could all us a shuttlecock bashing blow-out after this weekend! How does 6 pm sound?

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