Tuesday, May 6, 2008

HypnoCoffee Sells Out

Thank you friends and neighbors! Curtis' first at bat with lunches and he knocked it out of the park. First lunch customer...Shannon, thanks Shannon! We attempted a photograph, but alas we suffered from dead batteries (today's photo is culled from our ample stock footage). We, however, have the beautiful visage emblazoned in our minds. We sold out of today's yield at 12:05! That yield was to include Wednesday, so tune back in Friday for the next offering: Sweet Corn Dumplings with Chicken and Roasted Potatoes. As always Soups are on: Broccoli and Cheese, Vegetarian Red Beans & Rice, and Chicken & Veggie Stew. Apologies to all who wanted and did not receive, Ryan especially; call ahead next time (463-4900) and guarantee your meal like our friends at East West Printing (good timing, Alice). Also, don't forget Curtis' cooking class this Saturday, May 10th, it will run you $15.00, and yes, you will be here hanging out with the HypnoStaff! You also get to rub elbows with the ever blog-present Abus, and Abus' sister. It's like meeting local celebrities, only goofier.

Good luck to our friends Gary, Richard, and Mark as they endeavor in God-knows-what in God-knows-where. More on that later.

Badminton, anyone? Tonight looks good, I trimmed the playing surface to US Badminton standards (1.68 inches), checked net tension (2 lbs per sq. meter), and replaced the rackets damaged by Team Shrink. Jeremy wants in on this night's play and he just returned from an upper-state New York training camp. We expect a great season from you, Jeremy.

Thanks again to all who were lucky enough to eat with us today! Our fortunes are truly tied to one another, and we can't think of better folks to be tied to.

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