Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Renee, Going for the Lei

HypnoCoffee is still undefeated, and in a grudge match between Renee and Director Mallow, Chris took her to the mat twice in a row (15-7 & 15-4) and stopped all the mouthy chatter that preceded the match. Thanks to badminton new-comer Mackie for filling in while we awaited the Director's arrival, he performed almost as well on the court as he does on the trail. Also, back from his New York training camp and groin recovery, Jeremy played with the same verve he showed during his collegiate badminton matches, good work! As the sun set and the mercury began its rapid descent, Summer supplied a great dinner and conversations waned from lawn games to local business ideas. Jeremy is thinking of holding gear clinics here in the shop and/or combining clinics with Blackwater Bikes. Stay tuned for further details.

Zanna and her two (2) male escorts (John and Matt) made another appearance; Mondays and Wednesdays afford me a baby Zanna fix; good job on getting down the formula for the first time! Uncle Matt is now a babysitter for hire, he is over sixteen (16), reliable, possesses solid references, and has some medical training; please call the shop for bookings.

Renee, in her obsessive pursuit of Tom Selleck of Magnum PI fame, is leaving next week for Hawaii. Her intentions are her own, but sources indicate her passions for Magnum have driven her to delusions of marriage. Gary is, of course, heart-broken over this lapse in reality and try as he might he is unable to grow a sufficient mustache to keep Renee. If you are so inclined, head out to Camp 70 tonight and wish her well.

Finally, a belated congratulations to Shawnee on her promotion to the titled position of Manager of the Purple Fiddle. Well done, and a good choice!

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