Friday, May 23, 2008

Roller coaster

The "ups and downs" of life affect us all, even in the HypnoWorld. Let us speak of the "ups" to begin with. This weekend and for many days to come you can get HypnoCoffee at Highland Prospects. They are throwing a "Grand"daddy re-opening this weekend and we are stocking their counter with some brewed coffee, think of it as HypnoSouth or HypnoDavis. The weather outlook for the weekend is stellar! We've earned some sun, and with the sun arrives my mother; so whilst you're out supporting local businesses this weekend stop by and bid a hearty welcome to Mimi. Curtis arrived early and whipped up what looks and smells like the best dish of the month, Thai Chicken with Cabbage and Red Jasmine Rice. Thanks to the Grant County Bank crew for the large order, enjoy! Update: Summer and I are eating ours now and it is nothing short of perfect! Curtis' reputation preceded him all the way to the grocery store where he was solicited to make soups for the Fiddle. Words out, Curtis' cooking is the bee's knees. Sorry John, but we want to keep Curtis all to ourselves, at least until our legal agreement #WV0001A-23FG has expired. Brief aside regarding yesterday's Counter Intelligence entry, Tonya wants to make t-shirts with the caption, "I came to West Virginia and got fat...Thanks Gary!" We like the graphic possibilities.

Without "downs" we would fail to recognize ups, let us now speak of the "downs". Much to our schagrin our Smoothies are traveling across the ether and will not arrive in time for the weekend. The Internets high-tech ultra-up-to-date UPS tracking system shows our icy fruit concoctions traveling by rail and due to circumstances beyond our control (stage coach robbers no less) won't hit the HypnoDock until the very ironic day after Memorial Day Weekend (Tuesday). Looks like the Smoothie kick-off will be a locals only affair, thus more for you! The bagels also found their way into the lost world, maybe tomorrow? Until tomorrow the usual suspects, Pumpernickel, Poppy seed, Salt, Cinnamon Raisin, and Plain occupy the apothecary jars.

We are all on the roller coaster, but at least the sun is shining on our faces as we hopefully ascend this weekend.

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