Saturday, May 24, 2008

Down The Drain

If you are in Hypno or Mountain State this weekend and conducting business with Director Mallow, please tip liberally. As many already know the Director ran into trouble last night whilst simultaneously running the pub and filling kegs. Our informants on the scene report as much as eighty-nine (89!) gallons of beer were lost in his degenerative bar service. Mike, Willie, and Jared have been by today providing council, ribbing, threats of pink slips, and verbal invoices. The hole is indeed deep, so reach into the dark recesses of your pockets this weekend and find that folding money.
Mackie arrived pre-opening and I finally snapped the above photo of his Daytripper, a "windfarm bike". Also pictured, without the cyclist, more commuters getting their fix in the cool dawn.
If the weather holds, badminton either Monday or Tuesday. Stay tuned for updates. The ground will be soft and the exact day will be determined by mother nature. Bring your favorite drink, grill-able item, and of course your A-game!

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