Thursday, May 8, 2008

What Happened Monday

Gary, Richard, Mark, Christy, and Carrie have returned. Gary was throwing around phrases like: " the can" and "...on set". It's true, our humble neighbors have gone Hollywood, and before you know it Gary (NOT Gary B!) will be quaffing Cosmos and sleeping with men. He did seem more glamorous this morning when he sashayed through the door.

I guess I have proper clearance for telling the story; albeit at the behest of some of our corpulent wards. The MountainMade crew packed up the Country Store and transported the wares to Grafton, where for Mother's Day, the Food Network show "Dinner: Impossible" was filming an episode. Under the cover of Thomas shadows they loaded trucks, made an eleventh hour appeal to a local coffee shop for removal of blog content, with the deft skill of illusion pulled off a "farmer's market" in Grafton, were filmed (Gary and Mark got "camera time"), and in the rain are restocking the Country Store. We had no idea!

Did you catch the eleventh hour reference? Oh yeah, that was us! It seems my willingness to write about MountainMade's commitment to Dinner:Impossible was met with much hullabaloo. Perhaps you were lucky enough to read Monday's "All The World's A Stage" before it was edited? The producers of Dinner: Impossible were not cool with my mention of both MountainMade and their program in the same post, it was supposed to be kept a secret. I was asked at 10:15 pm to please remove the post, and not one to block the opportunity of my friends, I without hesitation removed all comments with both MountainMade and Dinner: Impossible leaving only mention of Mackie's Gold Medal on the blog. It is humorous to think the Food Network has been reading our coffee shop's scribbles; but not surprising, have you "surfed" the Internet lately? Pure trash.

Let us end today's post on the positive: Christopher Mallow was voted April's Employee of the Month. An award and his visage now hang behind the counter. Congratulations, Director Mallow!

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