Friday, June 13, 2008

2008 Highland Sky, Tomorrow

It was one (1) year ago that I participated in the Highland Sky 40 Mile Race. The race is again on, only I won't be doing it this year. (Today's photos are from last year's Highland Sky, a triumphant John, and Willie and I on the "Highway to Hell") I am lamenting my absence already, as we've served many participants this morning, and talking to these folks re-enforces my non-racer status. I have several excuses, baby to be born, the starting of the coffee shop, working seven (7) days per week, but the real reason is I failed to put the miles on my legs, hence I do not have the base miles a run like the Highland Sky requires. The lack of miles is inexcusable since that course and I have something to settle; it definitely got the better of me last year. Living on the mountain definitely requires sacrifice, but to sacrifice my time on the trails is hard to swallow. This will have to be re-addressed next year.

The best of luck to all runners tomorrow, especially the many locals turning out this year. I am impressed with you all and expect each gruesome detail to be told at the shop.

Good show this morning from Rob (of Heckbender fame) and Jeff (of PIMBY fame); they are riding the race course for the June 22 running of the WV State Championship bicycle race in Davis, and the number of locals participating in the Beginner Category should make that a competitive class. The Beginner Category is an open age class, so guys like Rob and myself have bicycles older than some competitors. I can't wait to see this one play out!

We received our HypnoMagnets yesterday; decorate the refrigerator, cover up the rust on your car, or have fun with your uncle's metal plate inside his head. No baby, no contractions either, but we are doing all we can to make this happen. I'll keep you posted. Summer feels so good in fact she worked today and kicked out a killer Curried Chicken Salad served over our fresh organic greens from Backbone Farms. The salad was quite the hit, look for it to be in steady rotation this summer.

The second Cooking Class will be tomorrow at noon, currently there are six (6) people signed up so there is room for four (4) more. Tomorrow's class will focus on Asian ingredients, Chinese dumplings, using and making curry pastes, preparing jasmine rice, rolling sushi, and as always the class includes coffee, water, and lunch for $20.00. That's not to mention the cool factor of hanging out with the local celebrities at HypnoCoffee.

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