Saturday, June 14, 2008

Expansion and Contraction

I feel for you runners today. Avoid running near Willie; he's too tall, a striding lighting rod. I encouraged him to wear my Patagonia Steel Sombrero with a three (3) foot pole attachment. He acquiesced...any takers? Free drinks for any Highland Sky participants or volunteers bearing stories Sunday morning. I eagerly await the chronicles; did John's injury rear its ugly head, did Willie beat his time, did Abus make it?

Curtis held his second cooking class this afternoon. Another six (6) lucky students hung out with the HypnoStaff and I especially enjoyed the ginger chicken! The kitchen was abuzz for about three (3) hours with minds expanding, Curtis espousing the virtues of our locally grown ingredients, and filling the shop with the most pleasant aromas. When the next class goes down I expect to see you here, the lunch alone is worth the price you pay.

UPDATE: the very affable and obviously fleet footed Harold (and wife? girlfriend?) made his way to us today! He looked much better than I did last year, smart training always pays off. Congratulations Harold and well done!!

Summer made some more of her marvelous Curried Chicken Salad, thanks Summer! Oh, you wanted to know if she happens to feel any closer? No, no contractions yet, but the day's not over. Keep your fingers crossed Kathy. Our doctor called the house last night and informed us if Summer has yet to deliver by Tuesday he will induce at that time. Think contraction!

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