Saturday, June 28, 2008


Everyone who is anyone attended the Tucker County Trails Club benefit Thursday at Hellbender Burritos. You were rubbing elbows with local celebs, quaffing beverages with rock stars, dancing to Weedhawk music, and winning fabulous prizes. About one grand was raised for the Club, half of which went to pay Ben for mc-ing. Charlie danced himself into a dervish and made himself so acquainted with the band that he left on a first name basis with both Weedhawks, wow! Jeremy won the auction for the Blackwater Bikes donated Cannondale F7, thanks to Mackie for filling in as guest auctioneer. Also auctioned was an autographed Employee of the Month photo of our very own director! No this isn't a joke, Abus won the auction paying an outrageous $7.03 for the portrait. The Abus purchase has us wondering about her obsession with the Director?! Everyone had a great time, looked glamorous, crucial monies were raised, and it was a hit!

Gary, again, made the ultra-efficient and sparkling HypnoKitchen abuzz with his glamorous muffins. Out of the oven came, Peach and Raspberry, Blueberry Lemon, and Blueberry Cinnamon Chocolate (Blue Cin), and some more Raspberry Muffins! Gary works fast and often; he has to, as today brings the first of many Farmer's Markets to Thomas. Ben and Stacy (of Healthberry Farm fame) are bringing the goods. Thank goodness they were here to restock our meager Honey supply! Abus also utilized the kitchen, producing her popular Salmon Cream Cheese, and thanks Abus!
Happy Birthday to Adelaide, she is turning the big oh-one (1) today! I look forward to your party, you certainly know how to throw down. It's official, the party has changed locales, she shall now have her gala at the brew pub, see you there.

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