Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Now You See Him...

Celebrity watch: Musician, oops, magician David Blaine appeared in Davis yesterday. He confronted an unaware Mackie looking for "real" Appalachian folk. As we know, we are not nearly real enough, at least not all of us. He also appeared in Hellbender Burritos and made a burrito disappear, but not before again inquiring for real Appalachians. The ever-real and diligent Hellbending Staff sent Mr. Blaine down Camp 70 Road to find and astound local Grateful Dad and Rainbow Warrior, Bob. After performing a magic trick and revealing his identity (inexplicably camouflaged in a wig) the seemingly unimpressed Bob took Mr. Blaine for a ride in his Grateful Sedan, and after springing for a tank of gas Mr. Blaine again disappeared! Rumor has it Mr. Blaine headed for Webster Springs where the burrito reappeared.

Tomorrow make your appearance at Hellbender, make a burrito disappear, and support Tucker County Trails Club. Rob will be raffling a napkin used by David Blaine, and a half-eaten burrito formally being consumed by TV show grip Max Tape. The night should be crowded and fun, get there early and if you're lucky enough to win celebrity memorabilia you can flip it on e-bay.

Look for Grateful Dad, Bob on the next David Blaine TV Special, "Finding Sober Citizens in Appalachia is the Biggest Trick of All!" Most of the above tale is true, sure, I have a tendency toward hyperbole, but I have done my best to relate this story as told to me. Sometimes the story stands on its own.


Anonymous said...

Hey T, S, C , C and G--greetings from Tybee. Reading the blog made me a little home sick for the mts. but Davis is like that, always with you....but I could sure go for a cup of the famous hypno joe right now!! nothing like it at the beach ;(. Let me know when you get your liquor license and I'll send you the receipe for Tybee Tea. sending a few our our renters your way from the house in the valley. i'd be happy to discuss some hypno bribes-- link us up and make up some gift certificates; i'll start including a 25 dollar gift certificate to hypno with every paid reservation lol!!

congrats again on gretchen txs chloe for the call and look for a little birthday wish from GA. much love. the hill billy beach bums. ellen

Anonymous said...

man tony, I gotta say, you are a budding superstar of the color commentary! Your writings are becoming more and more whitty and fun keeping me alive with hope as I sit here disguised as cubicle monkey during the week awaiting the weekend to make my own disappearing act from the 'burbs, only to reappear moments later in highlands of wv. keep up the musings please!