Friday, June 20, 2008

Back in the Saddle

The casual reader, accidental web-surfer, and misanthropes will have to bear with another day of baby photos. These are necessary in the appeasement of grandparents, uncles, aunts, and close friends. Have a kid, you'll see.
A new shipment of coffee and bagels met me this morning. Enjoy the freshness. I see you have been eating everything Gary baked; the last muffins evaporated this morning. Also new to the counter whilst I was away; Anna baked organic Power Bars, and her mom whipped up some killer Toffee Brownies. Good work! Thanks to every one's outpouring of kindness and help. Special thanks to Al for fetching the bagels this morning, I couldn't have done it without you.

Does anyone reading this blog cycle, run, walk, or skip through the many, many trails in Tucker County? Of course you do. Your community trails club, Tucker County Trails, is holding another party and raffle at your favorite burrito hang-out, Hellbender Burritos. Highland Prospects is spearheading the raffle again, and naturally we all look forward to winning sweet gear and hanging out with local celebs, Ben and Jeremy. Hellbender has again scheduled music for the evening, and this year brings the Weedhawks (I know the jokes, puns, and conclusions are being made all over Davis and Thomas) a band obviously down with the recent "pot eradication" program underway in the area. The night of fun, music, prizes, eats, and general debauchery will be Thursday June 26th. I hope to see you all in attendance; supporting our trail club!

Sunday is looking super-competitive for the WV State Championships mountain bike race. The beginner class looks flush with local talent and should provide quite the show. Who knows, maybe I'll polish the fenders on the Stumpjumper and throw elbows with the other merchants doing battle in Davis.

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