Friday, June 20, 2008

Capture the Flag

This just in...Seth stopped in Hypno with news of the first of many "Capture the Flag" games in Thomas. You remember Capture the Flag, two (2) teams whose dual objective is to guard their team's flag while sneaking up on their opponent's flag, stealing said flag, and somehow returning to their home base with stolen flag in hand. Sounds easy, but it ain't. If you were lucky enough to play last year you know how much fun the game is, and how ridiculous things can get; what with strategy, prisoner swaps, clandestine arts, and laughs.

The inaugural game of 2008 starts Sunday, 3pm. Meet on the porch of the Fiddle, or maybe Seth's pad. A potluck dinner will follow, approximately 6pm, bring your favorite dish and beverage, discuss what went wrong with your attack plan and plot your revenge.

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