Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Little Closer

Brief update: no baby... yet, but we are one (1) centimeter closer! Due to the impending birth of our child, badminton is on hiatus until Gretchen is here to play, hopefully next week! Gary plans on baking over the next two (2) days so prepare yourselves for more of his decadent Cheesecake! The Cheesecakes are so popular that Gary will start offering whole Cheesecakes for sale. That way you can take a Cheesecake home "to share" with family and friends; just you and the cake will arrive in your kitchen and the carnage won't stop until the last of the crust is licked from the plate. We'll be none-the-wiser for the act of gluttony, and let's be honest, you know you want to!

New to the coffee line-up this week is El Jefe Honduran. The "Boss" has been hard to acquire, but finally the beans are in! Tomorrow sees the first cups of this elusive brew, enjoy!

Today I met the cyclist who has commuted the farthest to drink coffee with us. Tonya started cycling from her home in Germany in 2005, and today she is visiting Aaron and HypnoCoffee. Unbelievably they drove from Davis to the shop. I, however, received reassurances that tomorrow she will bring her trusty steed, the Blackbird! With due diligence I shall capture her and her bike's visage and post them for you. I was just getting some interesting tales when Hypno was over-run by WV Adventure. WV Adventure is a freshman course offered at WVU, and today I had the misfortune of flying solo when this group of thirsty young men and women bombarded me with orders. No, I did fine, thanks for asking. Hopefully the next pass through our area will find me better prepared. I look forward to WV Adventure's next stop, and of course, visiting more with our epic commuter in the morning.

It has come to this: the frequent buyers cards are now so popular that the stack on our register looks like Community Chest, so starting tomorrow your cards will be in a Rolodex sorted by first name. We are on a first name basis, right?


Anonymous said...

Red White and Blue the 14th is coming and I will share my birthday...

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