Thursday, June 5, 2008

Whip It, Good

Gary and Abus battled it out in the HypnoKitchen. Gary producing a Pineapple Upside Down Cheesecake (the biggest and fluffiest of the season) and Raspberry Muffins. Abus was in a hurry, but managed to churn out giggles and Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese. All in all it was a productive morning. A big thank you to our two dueling chefs. Much honor was brought to the oven!

Rob (of Heckbender Fame) made it in on two wheels, and this time I was ready with a new camera. Thanks to Rob for his patience and next time Melissa rides down I will be ready! Alden met us this morning (even though he's again living in Davis, welcome home!) and we force-fed him the new organic chai. The verdict...even Better!! Whoa, I wasn't too sure how this would play out, but I am happy with his decision. Next order of Chai (about a week) will be for the new Organic Chai! Alden says the new chai is less sweet, more of a honey flavor, and the chai tea is more to the fore, not buried in sweetness. Thanks for your help Alden.

Summer and Charlie stopped briefly in the morning and I caught Charlie doing his first "whip-it". When the Parent of Year awards are handed out we expect to be on the short list for first place! Thank goodness I was quick to blame Summer for allowing this whipped cream fiasco to happen. No, I wasn't stopping him, I had to photograph him and blame his mother!

It seems like summer brings out the solutions in our patrons. I've been digging the problem solving that takes place while sitting around our tables and sipping espresso. Amazing how the synapses start to fire by the second cup. If only the energy could be harnessed and channeled constructively, but alas the immediacy fades with the buzz.

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