Friday, June 6, 2008

Whitewater Time Before Sweet & Sour Swine

He's Baaack! The river spit Curtis out and today he stopped in armed with swine. Sweet and Sour Pork with Jasmine Rice has come out of the kitchen. Boys and girls need to hurry and get theirs before we eat it all! The man also churned out the perennial favorite, Chocolate Oat Bars and Chocolate Chip Cookies. Everything tastes great and my midriff swells with the satisfaction of good eating.

Joining Rob on his two-wheeled trek to us was Melissa and Alden (all of Heckbender fame). Charlie really digs Rob's t-rex bike bell, (very nice touch) and Rob has a nice new rack...on his commuter bike. Thanks for keeping the wheels turning and pointed north in the morning, we really enjoy hanging out. Mackie and Jason leave for the Big Bear 24 Hour Bike Race tomorrow. The best of luck to our local riders, I know the expectations we have will be more than met. Tired and battered as you may be on Monday, do not shirk your duties; a full report is warranted.

Kate managed to make her way in and besides abusing the Director and I, she came up with her own slogan; "if you want baggage, then I'm your girl"! Hell yeah, that's the honesty we all need. It is also nice to get Kate off the task of verbally assaulting us, she is truly a wicked one! Not just one (1) but two (2) threats on my life over an iced mocha and bagel.

Rumor has it that the Director will be the red blur you see zipping through the mountains. If you grok cool red cars than the Director is your man, ask him about his Audi A4. This vehicular upgrade has chick magnet written all over it, now if he could only get an appointment with his one-eyed barber for a shave and a haircut, watch out!

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