Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blue Balls

Not actual blue balls, the shop is still camera-less.

Imagine my surprise and glee this morning as I pedaled up the street towards the HypnoShip and saw two large inflated blue balls tied to the door. Ahhh, you know how to lift my spirits in the morning. I'm not sure what the presence of these balls symbolizes or if this act is an attempt to send me a message. One blue ball had the ominous word "SOILED" embossed in white letters. The other unnamed blue ball, both being covered in a threadbare nylon sack, revealed a beach ball as the inflatable device and upon the beach ball read the words, "Tootsie Roll". These messages, what are they telling me; these balls, what do they mean?

Now I believe it's obvious, the blue represents my unquestionable loyalty to friends (a true-blue friend), the two (2) balls are a metaphor for the two (2) worlds in which I live, my world on the mountain top and the world of everywhere else America, the word "Soiled" on one (1) ball only, states clearly that the world of everywhere else America is a sullied place compared to my idyllic mountain top ball, the idyllic ball containing the more cryptic message of "Tootsie Roll" just beneath the surface is a thinly-veiled reference to the coal beneath our feet, the very reason this state got it's start.

Understanding the gifts left at my door step is just as important as the gift itself. Thanks!

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