Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Am I Going Mad?

Upon boarding the HypnoVessel today you may notice something very different. It's not the absence of Chris, it's not the new restroom decorations, oh no it's the music. It is piano music, yes, but it sounds as if someone is about to get hurt. They most certainly are! The PO Box was the bearer of music today. My San Francisco neighbor and friend Lawrence (you remember Lawrence, I wrote about him on April 16th "Flag Day", if you don't read the blog daily you will not be abreast!((or any other body part))) was kind enough to donate madness to the party, in the form of seven (7) Cd's. Mostly variations on the music of other madmen, enjoy!

Chris is busy cleaning up a mess he made last night, but if he is fleet of foot he'll join in on the party later in the day. Later in the day shall bring badminton back to the yard, see you around 6pm. Bring a dish or something to sacrifice to the grill gods, and of course your favorite shuttle cocktail.

If you were in the Davis area around sunset yesterday and heard shots fired; no the revolution hasn't started, but target practice did. Bubba, Ben, and I made targets and waylaid them into oblivion. What fun! Perhaps a weekly get together is in order; nosh some brie, sip some Cabernet, and discharge our firearms, or we could always gobble peperoni rolls, slam PBR, and blast the empties into the next life. Whatever gets the training done!

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