Tuesday, July 22, 2008

HypnoBed and Breakfast

My ears have been burning, yes I know, I've been derelict in my blog duties. The in-laws pulled out today, and tomorrow brings my long time friends, Phil, Pam, and Nick. Whilst the in-laws were around the Director ran the show and I merely made appearances, classed the place up, and got in his way. The Director will be at the helm again tomorrow as I trip the highway fandango to Pittsburgh in order to fetch the aforementioned friends and make our way back to the mountain top. When we live in what is arguably the best locale in the east guests are bound to find their way to you.

Not to fear dear reader for I will again seize the tiller and command the HypnoVessel on Thursday, hopefully with friends in tow. Be kind to the Director in my absence and patient with the blog. Next week, shortly after Phil, Pam, and Nick leave, Summer's sisters arrive. Ah the summer's obligations of tour guide. A role we gladly fill.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hospitality. All say hi here. Al