Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No Place Like Home

We made it home! Intrepidly forging through the rain and thunder, Nick, Phil, Pam, and I propelled the HypnoWagon across two (2) states and made it to Davis in plenty of time to sup at Hellbender Burritos. there's a different feel to Hellbender with Rob absent. As most know, Rob is in Charleston "detoxing". The "detox" is necessitated by an "injured back" but we know he simply needs time away from us, the ever-present patrons and our litany of demands. I understand my friend, but look forward to your return! Thanks to Melissa for filling in, and to the Blackwater 100 pinball game for the two (2) match games!

While at Hellbender we were afforded the opportunity to introduce our friends to local celebrities, Nick C. Hunt and his "roommate" Ginger (of Team Shrink fame). Easy ladies, Nick and Ginger are roommates only, he is still available for lawn maintenance, light plumbing repairs, and dinner for two (2).

Tomorrow finds me returning to duty in the HypnoVessel, and I should have assistance from Phil and Nick (not Nick C.). Stop in and bid a hearty welcome to some of my oldest friends.

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