Saturday, July 26, 2008

Now, Do The Hustle

Many heeded the call, and did indeed Wang Chung last night! We, however, kept it close to home, having been Wang Chunged the night before, we had very little Wang left in the tank. Phil had just enough Wang available to whip up an excellent dinner in the shop, and a satisfied stomach was our reward for his remaining Chung. Gary too, always in possession of a little Wang, made his way into the shop last night and yielded another two (2) and a half dozen Muffins! Thanks Gary. Anne must have had a bit of the Wang last night, for today she arrived early, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with a batch of Raspberry Bars, thanks!

Nick C. Hunt is back (he's constantly Wang Chunging), and bubbling milk for money. Don't ask. He pointed me to for photos of the HypnoCyclingTeam in action at the WV State Championship Race. Today's image is of our own Nick C. Hunt wily smiling from his perch upon that fancy Cannondale. Good work Nick.
On my way home yesterday evening I had to endure the cat-calls and thigh exposing my car induced in Kate and Deena. It's been awhile since the Alfa was guided by my hand, I nearly forgot the swooning such a machine causes. Nick C. Hunt is offering to buy the car now. Can anyone loan Nick a couple thousand bucks?

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Anonymous said...

I much prefer a Wang Dang Doodle to a little Wang Chung in the evening~ but that's just me. Hoping Nick CHunt can afford that car so he can get some Wang Dang West Virginia Doodle.

Coming next week...Lender's bagels and Maxwell House...oh my!!!