Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Mutiny aboard the good ship HypnoVessel! Pirates, wielding cutlasses and muskets seized the ship this morning, thus I have burned through three (3) states in order to join our first mate, the Director and wrest the vessel back into company control. We suffered one (1) casualty, Gary was impaled on the staff of a pirate, and returned to Davy Jones' Locker. Rest assured, oh HypnoFriends, the ship is secured, the booty hath been returned, the decks shall be swabbed, and the coffee... delicious as always. Not that the pirates had much opportunity for mayhem, just keeping the ship on course.

Early this morning I deposited my friends, Phil, Pam, and Nick on the runway of Pittsburgh International Airport and hopefully they're tripping the sky fantastic en route to the humid environs of Florida. Their week with us passed all too quickly as vacations often do. Young Nick was a handsome addition to the household and Charlie will miss him.
Until 'morrow me mateys, keep ye cutlasses sharp and your eyes on the horizon.


Anonymous said...


this is joe zarzaur. I sent you a picture of my new love, zoe ann zarzaur. I did think it was odd that you had not responded with any comment whatsoever. Then today I got this wierd response from a guy named bruce. Bruce (sounding gay and pissed) said that he inherited your old email address and that he has recieved several "very personal" emails and that he needs you new email address (as do I) Anyway, if you want this guy to have your new address email him at your old one.
Family looks great. Send my love to all. When I get your new email I will send zoe pics.

HypnoBlog said...

Joe, I fthis "Bruce" is gay than he should enjoy the myriad of emails I always recieve on how to enlarge my penis and increase my sex drive. I guess he assumes these are personal since he is obviously comfortable with both his girth and drive...or he's a liar. Can't wait to see the pictures!