Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday, Boring Sunday

We have enjoyed weather the likes of which haven't been seen in neigh on a month. Alas, as the weekend comes to close, so does the sunshine. Rain is again in the forecast, but not for too long this time. I think an early week badminton tourney is in order. Let's say Tuesday if the weather is cooperative. Reports coming in this morning claim blueberries are the size of marbles in the Sods. We fully expect pies, jams, and blueberry-themed cocktails in the near future. Thanks to Neil for the tip!

A belated congratulations to Mark, our weekend HypnoFriend and neighbor, for his recent appointment to Deputy Bureau Chief at the Washington Post. Well done! Much to my dismay and chagrin the job does not come with a Deputy Badge, just a title. The appointment was bestowed the same day our daughter was born, June 17th, thus an easily remembered anniversary.

Since the shop is still without camera, I dug through the archives for today's image. The above image embodies the languid spirit we have possessed throughout the weekend, good work Gretchen!
Several folks have inquired into the whereabouts of Curtis lately. I thought it was known, this being such a small community, but obviously that's not the case. During one of his many boating instead of working expeditions, Curtis wound up burning a couple of bridges and was unable to escape the aftermath and met his demise. For those of you who enjoyed his lunches and soups he will be missed, and his absence in our kitchen is felt as well. Godspeed and calmer waters, my friend.

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