Monday, July 14, 2008

Where In The World Is Nick C. Hunt?

The weather outlook for as far as predictions allow... is stellar! Badminton tomorrow around 6pm, meet in the yard. I expect some vicious competition since this is the first tournament we've hosted in awhile.

Gary will be back in the kitchen tomorrow producing more muffins for the hungry throngs. At your request chocolate chips will make their way into the batter. Enjoy! Gary plans on baking several dozens as he is heading off the mountain top at the end of the week, thus you need to pace yourself and ensure your taste buds their reward at the end of the week as well. If we run out on Thursday, you'll just have to go through Muffin Withdrawals with no hope for a fix until next week. I know you'll do the right thing.

Speaking of "right thing", where the hell has Nick C. Hunt been? Yes, I know last week found him in Ohio on vacation, but this weekend he nary saw the shop, but he was scheduled Saturday and Sunday. To be precise, Saturday saw Nick panicking his way in the shop around 10:30, and Sunday came and went without Nick at all. We did receive a call today, apparently he was abducted Saturday night, and in an already compromised condition from the night before was given some sort of truth serum, and at the end of his night of candor he failed to awake until sometime Sunday evening. He is still putting the pieces together; how did he end up in that suit, where is his bed, and who fed the dog? All good questions, and the answers will reveal themselves in due time.


Anonymous said...

T, time to get those employees of yours in check...what do you all think your some kind of posse?

Anonymous said...

The Devil has that boy....and he is very embarrassed about it.

I'll be there for badminton.

Thanks, Nick