Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday, Bloody Mary, Sunday

The mountain looks a bit more fabulous this morning as Gary brought Brotherly and Love (of Philadelphia Freedom Fame) aboard the HypnoShip. It was "divine" sharing coffee with the trio this morning., and thanks for the marinara sauce! Gary has even complied with the new Thomas leash law stating all citizens "participating in the love that dare not speak its name" be on a leash and accompanied by responsible adults at all times. Good boy Gary. Other friends of the HypnoShip (leashes not necessary) have been in and out, reports of the previous evening's goings on are all excellent, and today brings Mark and Clare's "Bocce Ball, Beer, and Belligerent Behaviour Blow-out" around 4pm, Buxton Mean Time!

Our attention and eyes are on the Hurricane threatening our former home, an area that still harbors friends and loved ones. We'll keep a watchful eye out, and keep us abreast of anything you may need that we can provide. Hurricanes, strangely enough, can be fun, and denizens of the deep south are professionals at turning lemons into hard lemonade. I'm sure the friends we left behind are well stocked with batteries, booze, and fuel; best of luck, my friends, and we sure miss the adrenalin and camaraderie associated with these events.

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