Saturday, August 30, 2008

Season Opener

Our friends over at Highland Prospects remembered the password and accessed their Blog again. The boys were having some fun with the ?Stuck! Rover story, a little late, but a good effort considering the boys graduated from Davis & Elkins with degrees in Redneck Studies. We here at the HypnoVessel always applaud the efforts of our "special" citizens. One (1) thing I did learn, and am most happy to forward, is that Highland Prospects is stocked with Klean Kanteens! Good work Prospectors. After you pick up your stainless steel Kleen Kanteen fill it up with beverage of choice and make your way to the Buxton Street Garden Party and Croquet Tourney. Do try and wear the proper attire (white, or at least the whitest outfit you own) and be on your best behaviour, Mark and Claire are city-folk.

As all of you are aware, today is the season opener for WVU Mountaineer football, and Rob (of Hellbender fame) is so jacked-up in anticipation, he procured an HDTV-widescreen-monster-TV. Help the man pay that thing off and watch the game with Rob, Melissa, Alden and the 'Bender staff. He's got the screen that's mean!

Also on the plethora of events to capture your attention, Davis' own Doc Lambert is having a CD Release party tonight at the Mountain State Brewery! Good work Matt! We are certainly a community of talented, good-looking, athletic, smart, and humble people always willing to celebrate one another's accomplishments. If the HypnoFamily is too tired; crashes and burns before these events, fill us in on the fun in the morning.


Anonymous said...

what a neck in the blue shirt!!!!

HypnoBlog said...

One would naturally assume that, however, he is a proud and outspoken member of the "Gays for Guns" an in-your-face shooting club.