Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nick's Failure

Do you see the swan?

Nick's replacement

Word on the street is that the Purple Fiddle Fest was a hit! Good work Fiddlers. Nick was again TARDY! He has managed to make his way to HypnoCoffee on time a grand total of three (3) mornings the entire summer. He is nothing if not consistent, consistently late! Congratulations to Danielle for winning the Nick C. Hunt Tardy Pool; we believe Nick should surrender his next paycheck as a reward for Danielle and as a punishment to Nick!

The weather outlook is positive and Tuesday we plan on hosting a badminton tourney. The court shall conform to Olympic specifications and mandatory smack talk and penalty drinking is strictly enforced, per the International Sanctioning Body. You know the routine, bring a dish or grill-able, drink of choice, and your A-game.

The measly town of Parsons (our county seat) has issued a challenge to the championship Davis kick ball team. Really? Do they own shoes? Will their mules make it up the mountain? Will the presence of an opponent that possesses all of their teeth leave them like a deer in head lights? We'll see, the game date hasn't been set, but stay tuned.

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