Monday, August 18, 2008

Fresh Meat

Wait a second! That's not the Director, what gives? Your powers of observation have not failed you, no, that's Aaron M. and he's trying his sea legs aboard the HypnoVessel. Perhaps you have heard, the Director is hanging up his eye patch and taking a land lubbers job. He finally scored a gig as a highway crew sign specialist. The next time you are on Highway 219 waiting for that man to turn the sign from "Stop" to "Slow", that man might just be our own Director! Putting Aaron on the crew is an obvious attempt to finally attract the ladies, a job that has been miserably handled by Nick. However, with Nick aboard I have noticed an increase in degenerates, alcoholics, and buggers. Thanks Nick.

Aaron, of course, hails from the kick ball haven of Davis, and prior to his HypnoEnlistment he was recently employed in the city of Austin, working for one of the finest Italian restaurants in Texas, The Olive Garden. Aaron achieved journeyman status in the construction of bottomless salad and bread sticks, as well as wines in the color of red. Now that's Italiano! Aaron plays well with others being one (1) of twelve (12) children and raised in the Amish community of Yoder, Minnesota. Being Amish he is sensitive to foul language and bawdy behavior often associated the sea vessels, thus we are turning over a new leaf and showing Aaron the same respect we normally reserve for you, the much honored patron.

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