Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rock Me Amadeus

You know how you awake and a song is on repeat in your mind? Well, this morning brought Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus" into rotation, and in an attempt to exorcise that 1985 chestnut from my internal jukebox, Gary, Aaron, and I brought up the song on YouTube and that simple act infected us all. Falco led to Frankie Goes to Hollywood which led Aaron and I on a search for even more. We found a three (3) hour block of MTV from 1983 starring V.J. Mark Goodman, tour dates for Loverboy as well as The Police, and commercials from 1983 for everything from K-Tel Albums to Wrangler Jeans. Many of you stopping by shared in the memories, but as you left for work, mine and Aaron's appetite for the 80's was only whetted; we needed more. The rest of the day was a search for more 80's era MTV. We found many videos, but no directly recorded blocks of footage like our first find. As the day rolled on so did the hits, and so many of you got a kick out of it, you're welcome. Moments of nostalgic levity filled our day and hours melted into one super-hit after another, we even handled requests. This led Aaron and I to speculate on a radio theme day. Any guest DJ wannabe's out there?
Our HypnoFriends, Mark and Claire (of Washington DC power-couple fame) are having a lawn party next Sunday (Labor Day Weekend) to celebrate their birthdays. Details are preliminary, but the start time is 4ish, location is their home on Buxton Avenue, and as always, play to win!


Jack McG said...

One must include the A-Team

HypnoBlog said...

how about Magnum PI?

"snomonkey" said...

Thanks for the plug, Mr. HypnoOwner. A few more details on the Lawn Games Extravaganza, Part II:

Who: Rob, Shannon, Mark and Clare

Why: The party over Memorial Day Weekend was fun, so now we turn to Part II. And, birthdays abound. Not just Clare, who turns 40, but also Ms. Deacon, who turns 30, and numerous other August and September birthdays in HypnoLand, including but not limited to Moriah, Mark, Rob, Janette.

When: August 31, starting at 4 p.m. Mark and Clare's yard across from Rob and Shannon's in Thomas.

As per tradition, beverages will be available and food is potluck as you desire. Bring your best croquet and bocci ball skills.