Wednesday, August 20, 2008

HypnoCoffee Beats Itself!

My birthday was a blast!

Yesterday I added another year to the already many under my belt. We celebrated with, what else, a badminton tourney. The court has never looked better, I lined it out per Olympic specifications, replete with the serving line. We even played to Olympic rules. The new game rules only kept the games moving faster and lent an element of confusion. Was it the speed and confusion, the errors, or hubris that handed a first and only defeat to the dominant HypnoTeam of myself and the Director? The only silver lining to this otherwise suicidal news was that our defeat came at the hands of HypnoTeam2, Gary (Muffin Man) and Aaron (Amish Boyo). Following the defeat (close, thanks to a last minute resurgence of brilliance, 21-19) the Director and I retired to the dining room for sustenance and regrouping; everyone showed up with great eats, thanks! As the sunset, the HypnoTeams met on the field of glory for a rematch. You guessed it, the Director and I annihilated the Second String HypnoTeam. The second stringers do have a strong competitive spirit and even though Gary isn't the most lithe player on the court his limp wristed returns are crushing, and our Amish Slinger can cover the corners like a rug. We look for great things from these upstarts!

Thanks to all who stopped by (the Tucker County Gladiator, the Glad's wife Kathy, Anne, Patrick, Adelaide, the Director, Aaron, Gary, Scott, Kate, Eden, Isaac, Forrest, Rob, Ben, Kelly, and Jessica ((hopefully that's everyone)), it was great spending the evening with you! Special thank yous to Anne, Patrick, and Adelaide for a pound of my favorite candy, Twizzlers, and, of course, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Ben and Kelly's delicious "Junk" cake! I have but one (1) question, how did you get the casted mold of my super-crazy-amazing-wonder-wand?

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