Friday, August 1, 2008

Thomas vs. Davis!

Well it's finally happened, the towns of Davis and Thomas are a'fuedin'. Negotiations failed and now we have set a date (08-08-08 6pm) for a throw-down...kick ball style! Despite our shop's location being in Thomas, the HypnoFamily lays its heads down at night in Davis, thus for Davis we play. A note to Thomas residents: we reject your offer of surrender, prepare to be boarded, your defeat is at hand (or foot), and your town shall be left in ashes!

Monday brings Summer's sisters to town for a visit. Stop in and have a look at the other two (2) Sevi women. Yes, they too are foxy. Alex (Gretchen's middle namesake) is bringing her boyfriend Jeremy (always a popular addition to the trip, good choice Alex), so mind your manners around her. Katie, however, is free game for slanderous remarks and harassment. She won't be accompanied by anyone.

If you can't wait until August 8th for a bit of competition, you are in luck! Seth is celebrating his birthday this Sunday with a game of Capture the Flag. Meet around 4:30 at Seth's house. Bring a dish for the potluck after the game. Seth has beer.

Enjoy the pictures of our last visitors, Phil, Pam, and Nick.

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Anonymous said...

ah game for slanderous remarks and harassment...that's like a dream personal ad for me..