Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another Year Bolder

In celebration of the 37th birthday of the Electric Slide (oh, and Chip's birthday) Mountain State Brewery is bringing in a DJ and throwing a dance party tonight. The planet hasn't seen a party erupt like this since Krakatoa. Much like Studio 54 before it, Mountain State is famous not only for its degenerative patrons/celebrities, but also for its exclusivity. Tonight the velvet rope drops like inhibitions at the door; this party is open to all. Put on your shirt with the best and biggest lapels, your Farah bell-bottom slacks, a gold medallion, just a bit of Old Spice cologne, and prepare to slide, slide, slip-pity slide! Happy birthday Chip.

I sat in on the Oktoberfest meeting last night, and the inside scoop is: expect greatness. I am impressed with the strides this little festival has made since we moved here, and this year expands on the foundation bringing music, vendor booths, and another carnival. Way to go!

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