Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It Hauls 400 pounds!

An amazing new vehicle has taken to the streets of our little community. The Big Dummy was assembled yesterday. Thanks to Roger for investing the better part of his Tuesday and spending it with me and my Dummy. Roger's colorful lexicon was in full flourish as he lovingly wrenched each part into place, pulled 216 yards of shifter and brake cables, and utilized 402 zip-ties in order complete the assemblage. The Dummy will make its debut as our official coffee shop delivery vehicle at the Leaf Peepers Festival, as she will serve as coffee hauler to our booth. Until that morning, the Dummy will have to stay content being a commuter. Chloe was afforded the first ride on the skateboard deck only after Mackie and I shared in the honor of a trial flight, and at sundown yesterday evening Mackie was the first adult to ride on the skateboard deck; good show Mackie!

Check out the Dummy today as you visit the shop and purchase an extra cup of coffee, double white chocolate mocha (no whip, no foam), or doppio macchiato as a charitable act assisting me in paying the Dummy off! If I have a chance, I will also give you a ride.

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